Blood-letting is one of common medical practices in different traditional medical disciplines. It is called Hijama in Traditional Iranian/Islamic Medicine. Blood-letting is good to facilitate blood and qi flow in different organs and can be used in the treatment of several conditions such as muscle and joint pains, muscular spasm, menstrual problems, asthma, skin diseases, etc. It can also be used in detoxification in some cases. It is the role of an expert physician to know which patient may benefit from blood-letting and which patient may not. So, it is better to leave the decision making to the health providers. Blood-letting is usually combined with cupping. However, it can be used alone in treatment of some conditions. The Chinese blood-letting is different from Hijama in the sense that the amount of bleeding is much less in the Chinese version and the selected points are different. The bleeding is usually induced by small lancets or acupuncture needles while surgical knives are used for Hijama. Therefore, Chinese blood-letting causes much less pain and bleeding in comparison to Hijama and there is no risk of scar formation in the place.