One of the most important characteristics of our website is the feasibility of asking questions about acupuncture and its effects on health issues. Since the first day the website was launched, we did our best to improve the public knowledge about acupuncture by receiving questions and concerns of our visitors and preparing the easiest to understand answers by experts. It has been our mission to answer the questions from the scientific point of view rather than commercial one. After four years of activity, hundreds of questions have been answered by our experts. Since most of our visitors are from Iran, almost all of questions are received and answered in Persian. We are looking forward to receiving questions in other languages and will be trying our best to answer them in the most comprehensive way.

Questions can be asked in different ways.

  • General questions: these questions and their answers will be accessible to all website visitors after being proved by the website administrator. You can ask your question by
    1. filling up a simple form accessed from Q&A page after reviewing the question already asked by other visitors.
    2. writing comments under each website page.
  • Personal questions: these questions wont be public and can be seen just by the sender. If you do not wish to publicize your question and its answer you can either
    1. send your questions directly to and receive answers in your mailbox.
    2. use “private” tag when giving comments or asking question in Q&A page. In this case your question will be publicized after removing your credentials. Therefore, nobody may know whose the question is.

In order to improve this part we recommend

  • reviewing the previous questions already answered by the experts in the website before asking your own. This may give you some idea to make a better communication and avoid repetition.
  • reading the text you have typed before sending it to be sure that it is free of typos which may affect its understandability.
  • including your email address in comments page. It helps us to inform you when your question is answered to save your precise time.

It is our honor to be trusted by you receiving your kind questions and comments. We have tried our best to respond them as soon as possible. The average response gap has been 36 hours so far. We will continue our attempt to shorten it even more.


Looking forward to visiting you either online or face to face.

Dr. Sogand Zareisedehizadeh   Dr. Mehdy Ghaeminia

Shiraz Acupuncture Clinic

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